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Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking
Date: 14th October 2013| Starts: 12:05pm | Finishes: 12:35pm
Gordon Ramsay's new series shows how to cook amazing food every day. Here he prepares modern versions of dishes he loved as a child, including Shepherd's Pie and steamed date pudding.


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I like movies4men but why do you show most films in 4.8 screen format?
Most TV's these days are 16,9 (wide screen)format. You show trailers for films in 16.9 but you show the same film in 4.8. WHY.
In my opinion it is old fashioned and it spoils the film.
Please change the format to show all your films in 16.9.
Thank you.

Posted: 22nd April 2014 15:34pm

Absolutely love and adore Yootha Joyce such a great actress. Much missed and loved sooooooo much! Such an inspiring lady 💓
Posted: 20th April 2014 14:43pm

Posted: 19th April 2014 02:54am

How do you know when he is 'the one'
Posted: 9th April 2014 17:09pm

What is the secret to a long lasting relationship?
Posted: 9th April 2014 17:08pm

I have never seen such a horrendous makeover on tv. If someone did that to my house I would sue them.
Posted: 7th April 2014 04:14am

I've seen this.
Posted: 22nd March 2014 19:47pm

Never mind a wedding ring, shouldn't a gynaecologist wear gloves?!
Posted: 20th March 2014 15:33pm

Extremely annoying family grrrrree
Posted: 12th February 2014 09:33am

Posted: 2nd February 2014 01:45am

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